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I329 postcard artist designed Snowman children Christmas most likely OPF design




OPF nuclear Glasses Soviet USSR Russian Army Protection Military Goggles Case


RPPC,Middle East,Woman in Long Burqa,"Dame du Harem",Publ.by OPF,Ethnic,c.1909




H229 postcard OPF Woman with dog and guitar begging outstanding printing


H217 postcard OPF beautiful woman hand painted lace outstanding


Japanese Art Rats Flying Kites Fantasy OPF-LikeUsed Nagasaki Cover Postcard


OPF Gruss Aus Dresden w/ Crest c1900 Postcard


OPF Publisher Embossed Drum Playing Pig Postcard


Artist-R.A.-Woman-Lady-OPF-Lilies-Lily-Flower-Scarf-Fashion-Antique Postcard


OPF Publisher Egyptian Embossed Stamp Gentleman Pig Postcard


Beautiful Victorian Woman w/ Flowers OPF c1910 Postcard


OPF Germany? View Real Photo Postcard


OPF Madonna & Jesus Souvenir aan Holland Mauritshuis c1905 Potscard


Two Monkey's One Smoking OPF Postcard


Gruss Aus Leipzig Germany Flags - OPF c1910 Postcard


OPF Gruss Aus Dresden Germany Hotheater c1905 Postcard


Uruguay South America Paper Money Insignia OPF Publisher Embossed Postcard


OPF Hannover Germany View - Book Motif c1904-5 Real Photo Postcard


OPF George Washington & American Flag Shield c1910 Postcard


1907 Dutch fisherman boy falling off dock - appears to be by OPF


OPF Style-Woman-Clown-Pierrot-Umbrella-Embossed-Red-Purple-Antique Postcard


Beautiful Woman OPF Publisher Signed SV Postcard


OPF Art Nouveau Harbor Face of Beautiful Woman Border Embossed Silver PC


OPF Art Nouveau Roman Greco Scene Gold Embossed c1910 Postcard


Germany Weiden Opf Max Reger Street Café Vintage 1915-1930 Postcard -d159b


OPF Chimney Sweep Silhouette Prosit Neujahr c1900 Postcard & Cover myn


Devil on Top of Airplane OPF Publisher, Message Postcard


OPF Art Nouveau Old Couple Water Pitcher Cat c1910 Postcard


Three Stick People Dachshund Dog OPF Publisher, Postcard


Beautiful Nude Teasing Snake OPF Publisher Embossed Postcard


France, French Money, Embossed 10 Francs Coin, UDB, OPF


Horse & Wagon Stick People 2 x 2 = 4 OPF Publisher, Postcard


OPF Cuba Stamps Mice Cigar Label Flag Beautiful Postcard


Beggar Monkey Cup Music Mandolin OPF Embossed Postcard


Girl's Fishing Birthday Greetings , 00-10s ; TUCK : Rare OPF


1989 Press Photo Hadley Chest opf Silas New York Chest - RRV60477


Aeroclassics ACXCOPF Mexico Federal Police B727-2 XC-OPF Diecast Jet 1/400 Model