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Civil War Spencer

10 Civil War Relic Reassembled U.S. Spencer .52 Carbine Minie Balls w/No Powder!


Civil War Relic Reassembled .44 Henry & .52 Spencer Balls and Cartridges/Vera VA


Civil War Spencer Carbine Cartridge Box Empty Original C.D. Leet


Dug 52 Caliber Spencer Bullet Cartridge Civil War Inert


Recovered Civil War Spencer Bullet as found In Richmond, Va.


2 Civil War Relic Reconstructed Spencer Carbine Cartridges and Balls/ No Powder!




Civil War Cavalry Carbine Sharps Spencer Henry Natural Leather Sling Belt Strap


Original Dug Civil War Spencer .52 Caliber Cartridge


Civil War Spencer Carbine Bullet W/Display Case


Civil War Spencer Cartridge Box Empty Original Sage


Post Civil War Spencer Blank Cartridge Box Empty Original




Civil War Relic intact .52 Spencer Carbine Cartridge Found at Five Forks


2 Civil War Relic Reassembled Spencer Carbine Rounds from Siege of Petersburg


22 Civil War Relic U.S. Spencer Rounds, All Found in Central Virginia


Original Civil War Spencer round as found, Murfreesboro TN. #1


Civil War 52 cal Spencer Bullet Dropped Chickamauga GA


Dug Civil War Cartridge with "H" stamped on bottom - Spencer ?? 1 5/8" long


Civil War Relic Spencer .54 Minie Ball Carved to Look Like a Fish or Snake Head


Civil War Relic Upside Down Spencer and Burnside Cartridges


3 Excavated Civil War .52 Cal. Spencer Bullets


Civil War Spencer Carbine With Shell Case Must See Relic


Civil War .56 Cal Spencer Carbide Relic


Civil War Spencer Bullet Made Into A Chess Game Piece From Battle Kennesaw GA


Original Civil War Spencer Carbine Rifle Parts Lot Excellent Condition


Civil War ~ Dug ~ Spencer Bullet ~ Re Capped ~ Cold Harbor ~ Virginia ~


Spencer Carbine / Rifle Parts Lot Civil War Gun Parts


Civil War Spencer Cartridge Bullet Brandy Station Cavalry Battle


Fort McAllister Georgia Lieutenant George E. Spencer Civil War 1865 HW Sketch


Civil War Or Indian War Carbine Holster Case Sharps Spencer US Army




Autograph GEORGE E SPENCER Civil War Brigadier General 1st Alabama Cavalry


General George Custer, Civil War Spencer Cartridges


Metal Tin Tray Set Of 4 (Colt,Derringer,Fancy Kentucky, Civil War Spencer)


SPENCER COMPTON, EARL OF NORTHAMPTON, Killed at Hopton Heath/Civil War/Engraving


HENRY SPENCER, EARL OF SUNDERLAND, Killed Edgefield English Civil War, Engraving