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8 Oz Hammer

Vintage 8oz Belknap Bluegrass Ball Peen Hammer ~ old antique collector tool pein


Vintage! Cheney 8 oz. Ball Peen Hammer, New Handle


TOOLBASIX JL200083L Wood Curve Claw Hammer, 8-Ounce


Vintage PLUMB 8 OZ. Ball Peen Hammer Head


Old Ball Peen Small Hammer Heads, lot of 9, 8 oz lightest and 15 oz heaviest


Vintage Craftsman Professional Mechanic Ball Peen Hammer 8oz orig handle tight


Vintage 8oz Plumb Anchor logo refinished ballpein hammer 12.75" handle


Vintage Plumb 8 Oz Ball Pean Peen Hammer Head


Vintage Champion Dearment 8 oz. Ball Pein Hammer


Vintage Belknap Bluegrass 8oz Ball Peen Hammer Head


Vintage Plumb 8 oz. (12 oz.overall) Ball Peen Hammer w/ Hickory Handle


Vintage 8 Oz. x 5 1/2" Jeweler's Cross Peen Hammer Head / $4 to Ship / NR


3 Lbs 8 Oz rounding Lilie hammer, Nitzan's Handforged Blacksmith hammer


GREAT NECK 8 oz Claw Hammer Hardwood Handle M8C


Vintage 8 oz. Ballpeen Hammer PRD1164


Vintage Old Form H Hammond 8 oz. Adze Eye Drop Claw Hammer INV13095


Carpentry Carpenters Lightweight 8oz. Finishing Nail Hammer


Vintage 8oz Machinist Hammer W/ Turnerday No92 Handle


Vintage Hibbard 8 oz. Ball Peen Hammer w/ Hickory Handle


Vintage 5lb.8oz. Lead Hammer Head,4-3/4",With 2" X 2-1/8" & 2" X 2-5/16" Faces


1lb.8oz. Tomahawk Crate Hammer/Hatchet,Made In China,Excellent Condition


Old Vaughan Ball-Pein Hammer 8 oz Made in USA


Vintage Stanley 54-108 8 OZ. U.S.A. Ball Peen Hammer Antique Tool


Old Used Tools,Vntg. Unbranded 8oz. Cross Peen Hammer Head,4-1/16",Pitted Patina


Vintage Plumb 8oz Ball Peen Hammer


Vintage Artisan (Gambles) 13-1910 8 Oz. Ball Peen Hammer With Original Handle




Antique Vintage CHENEY Ball Pein Hammer ~8oz~ Great piece!




8 oz. Heller Blacksmiths Double Peen Flat Ferrier Farrier Auto Boby Hammer


TWO Old Ball Pein Hammer HEADS 8oz 11oz with the PLUMB Logo inside a Rectangle


Vintage 8 oz. Square Face Tack Hammer INV9534


Vintage 8 oz Hand Howe Co Machinists Brass Hammer No 92


Vintage *Plumb* Hammer ~8oz~


Vintage Maydole 8oz Cabinet Hammer


Vintage Stanley Plastic Cap Hammer 8 Oz. Made in USA Super Fast Shipping


Wards Master Quality Ball Peen Hammer 1lb 8oz Head 16" Handle


Vintage *** 8-oz. *** Aluminum Meat Tenderizer Hammer


Vintage Craftsman 38463 8 oz M Ball Peen Professional Hammer 8oz


Vintage Vaughan & Bushnell 8oz. Upholsterers Tack Hammer w/ Magnetized Tip #55


T. C. A. 8 oz blacksmith ball hammer, vintage____________________________A-267